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Memorial Golf Tourney


The Annual Memorial Golf Tourney was on Tuesday, August 1st at Waikele CC. 

Participating were: Creighton Kudo, John Ishikawa, Nate Wong, Chester Ching, Mona Bessette, Cliff Dart, Rodney Asada, Cal Nakagawa, Karen Nakagawa, James Ware, Jeff Tom , Pete Ching and Milt Tsuda. 
The winners were:
Low net:   (72)    Pete Ching and Chester Ching (tie)
3rd place: (75)   Cliff Dart
Closest to the Line on 15th fairway: Calvin Nakagawa
#5  Mona Bessette
#8  Nate Wong
#11 no one            
#17 Nate Wong   

Joining the group for lunch in the clubhouse were Roland Leong and
Suzie Sue,  Jeff Tom's wife, May LIn, Leighton Liu, Dave Shiraishi, Pat Tom
and Jimmy Hayakawa.

Everyone won a prize that was donated by Chester Ching.