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Pat Tom's Lunch Bunch


Updated: April 1, 2019

• Pat Tom  & the Lunch Bunch CONTINUE to meet WEEKLY for Lunch. Please contact Pat  @ <pystom@outlook.com> , if you wish to be notified where lunch is scheduled for the week.

• Pat Tom was recently asked how his WEEKLY  Lunch Bunch started. Here is his reply:

"...history of the Lunch Bunch???  You made me really think hard.

It started around 2003.  Conroy and I were talking at Family Fair and found out our offices were in town and right around the corner from each other and that we normally went out to lunch almost every day.  So as everyone says, "We should have lunch sometime." and it doesn't happen.  But I did call him and we went to lunch.  Then the next week I went into the same restaurant at lunch time and he was there with Rodney Asada so I joined them.  

We decided that we would try to get together once a week and I agreed to coordinate it.

It seem like Conroy was always bumping into classmates and other friends and he would always asked them if they wanted to join us.  As we collected email addresses the group grew until I had about 12 or 13 guys on my list.  I had decided that not everyone's schedule is the same every week, for instance my projects were not always due on the same day of the week so I kept it flexible and asked guys to let me know each week what days they would be available, then settled on the day that worked the best for the most guys.  It was always an informal thing, come if you can and if you can't make it no problem, come another time.  I don't expect the guys to respond every week.  If I don't hear from someone I assume they can't make it.  I do like to know if guys plan on coming so we can try to get a table to fit everyone but if someone shows up unannounced we're happy to see them and we always accommodate.  We were getting about 5 to 7 guys each week then word spread to the mainland guys: Pat Chai, Mel Ho, Sam Mayeda, etc.  When those guys came to town attendance would jump to 12 to 14.

I now have 33 guys on my email list for lunch.  Some of them have never come to lunch but they all have requested to remain on the list because they like getting the weekly emails as a way to keep in touch.  When the out of town guys come and they give me a date they would like to have lunch, I will let the guys know as early as possible so they can plan around the date if possible.  

After the guys started retiring, attendance dwindled until it was mostly just Conroy and I and occasionally Dick or John.  When Conroy made plans to move to California, I thought I would loose my lunch buddy.  Then Chet moved back and he and Evie are now my regular lunch companions.  So this has been a regular thing for over 13 years and I plan to continue to do this as long as at least one other person joins me on a regular basis.

Pat Tom
Cell: (808) 754-5733
Email: pystom@outlook.com..."


• nb: Many thanks to Pat Tom for all he does. Contact him if you wish join-in for lunch  




• email from Pat Tom (11/19/16). 

"...Hey Class of 1962:

I received word that Richard Ho will be visiting from Hong Hong from December 22nd to January 3rd.  Colin informs me that he has made arrangements for Richard to join the class golfers on December 28th at the Ewa Beach Golf Club. We're thinking that meeting the golfers after their golf outing would be a good time to reconnect with Richard and to just have a class outing to end the year and welcome the new year.


We are just starting our planning so at this time this is just a "heads up" to let you know what we are thinking and so you can provide suggestions and "save the date" so you will be able to join us.


Preliminarily, the golfer will start their rounds whenever Colin can arrange tee times.  When the golfers finish hopefully around noon or shortly thereafter, they will meet non-golfers in the restaurant in the club house.  Right now the plan is to pre-order food "family style".  We are hoping the cost for lunch will be in the $20 to $25 per person range. The primary function for this event is to catch up with classmates we haven't seen for a long time and to say "Hello" to Richard and any other mainland visitors that will be able to join us.  Colin will be coordinating the golf and I will coordinate the lunch.


I'll be in touch after Thanksgiving with more information and a request for a head count.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  


Pat Tom
Cell: (808) 754-5733
Email: pystom@outlook.com..."