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Photo chronology

Sam's posed and candid photos are presented here starting with pictures of early, non-golfing arrivals, the golfers and overheard conversations, discussions and editorial content.

Early arrivals Kenneal & Lucille, Dickie & Pui, and Laureen with hostess Linda at the lower lanai.


Also, Pat, Jimmy, Mark, Milton & Joyce and Walt at the upper lanai and bungalow.


Linda showing Joyce the landscaped hillside above the bungalow.


The first fold foursomes trickle in: Roland & Janis, Cal, Rodney, Creighton, Cliff, and Conroy.


Bringing up the rear, Dave, Colin and John.  Nate, Alan, Michael (Alan's son) and Richard Kurashige come later after picking up drinks and flowers.


Mark's explanation of his plantar fasciitis has Cal bent over in laughter.


Some thoughts on how 70 year olds should take care of their health are a constant preoccupation:

1.  Colin suggests to John to look into "Jin Ji Du Li", which John's PT recently recommended for his strained back. See JIN JI DU LI.  John asking whether Kenneal whether Tai Chi includes a "One-leg Golden Rooster" pose.


2.  Follow up with Lucille indicates their one-leg pose is done with eyes open and arm extended out, similar to yoga one-leg pose.

                   3.  Finally, Cliff's homegrown philosophy/secret to his second chance post cardiac crisis.  Come golf and he'll relate how he lives a day at a time; playing golf, working in Chinatown and spending a week a month in Las Vegas.



And then, Mark's explanation to Alan, Cal and Creighton . . . . . .




  as recently published, "Short Japanese men live longer."


Of course, there's also the diet:  Colin and Creighton digest his secret potato salad ingredients as they've done each time they test post-golf potato/mac salad.


Finally, getting ready to leave.


Final thoughts from the docs. ... MIA is Dr. Sam who took all these pictures.


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