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03/16/12 05:19 PM #1    

John Ishikawa

Leighton, I like the additions to the Previous Reunions.  Since you have the exact dates, we should get feedback by Pat, Conroy and even the guests of honor.

I'll soon have the 50th Birthday 8MM cassette on CD, so it'll be fun to play with.   John

03/18/12 04:21 PM #2    


Alvin Chong (12)

John . . any plans to host a reception for out of town guests?

03/19/12 11:03 PM #3    

John Ishikawa


All events being planned are directed to bringing the out-of-towners to gather and reminisce with us.


03/21/12 10:48 AM #4    


Alvin Chong (12)

Hey John . . .reminisce? You're kidding? I can't even remember what happened yesterday! Many guys will be strangers to me after 50 years of no contact. Yes, some stuff from high school may still sound funny and crazy, but other stuff have been erased from our memories, unless others bring them back up.

How long do we have to catch up with everyone after more than a half century of life?

06/07/12 10:41 PM #5    

Leighton Liu


I love the composite you did of our photo in the commemorative frame, but if possible, please use the corrected images from Kenneal in which I straightened out the cross and banner in the background, as those look quite good overall.


05/07/18 03:27 PM #6    

Melvin Ho

Echos of Iolani Past:  Reed Taylor and Fr. Ward encouraged some of us (John, Lui, Richard and I) to expand our horizon holistically by going to Appleton... I  will always remember that cold trip to Chicago in a Volkswagen bug that first Christmas break.  It was a real treat to see Reed and Suzanne in Hawaii a few years back.  Now, years later, I had the privilege of crossing Reed's "legacy" again when I visited my alma mater in Cincinnati last month and connected with his daughter, Amy, who is a neonatologist at Children's Hospital NICU. As a mentor, Reed, it is no surprise that you (and Glynda) have raised such wonderful daughters (and grandchildren).  Aloha, M


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