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On Tuesday May 24, iolani62 had a “doubleheader”…

The first event was the Annual Memorial Golf Tourney.  It was a beautiful morning for golf and to pay tribute to those Classmates no longer with us. 

An hour after sunrise on Tuesday, May 24th, Nate Wong, said a Memoriam Prayer ( …foto ).  Then, the first of (6) foursomes teed off at 7:16 am at  the Hawai’i Prince Country Club in Ewa Beach … to begin the annual iolani62 Memorial Golf Tourney.


Included were Colin Leong (‘62),  John Ishikawa (‘62), Milton Tsuda (‘62), Creighton Kudo (‘62), Rodney Asada (‘62), Nate Wong (‘62), Chester Ching (‘62),  Joe Davis (‘62), Mona Bessette-Dart, Ricky & Jane Oshiro, Lenny Oshiro, Gordon Tsujimura,  James Ware, Mike Isokane, Carol & Ron Hing and Denis Lau (‘62x). After some last minute cancellations, a total of (18) enjoyed a beautiful day of golf. 

Clifford You (‘62) was unable to attend, on account of scheduled “therapy” in Las  Vegas.

The second event of the day was a hosted Luncheon, where (21) non golfers greeted the incoming foursomes … PatTom (‘62), Evie Ching, Leighton Liu (‘62), Kenneal Chun (‘62), Mary & Randy Abe (‘62),  Janis & Roland Chun (‘62), Sandra Ohara, Nils Katahara  (‘62), Dave Shiraishi (‘62), Pat & Jimmy Hayakawa (‘62), Mark Kaneshiro (‘62), Gary  Oshiro (‘62),  Ronald Chock (‘62), Dave Shiraishi (‘62), Alan Maii (‘62) Karen & Cal Nakagawa (‘62) and Paul Chun (‘62).

We were all glad to see Walter Muraoka’s (‘62) widow, Tamami Muraoka. 

Everyone ordered individually from the menu. The favorite was “hamburger-steak-with- gravy-on- the-rice”. Beer and red wine flowed steadily.  

For dessert, we all had yummy Strawberry Shortcake, provided by the Prince Hotel-Waikiki. 

Benji, Julia and the staff of BOP did a tremendous job in keeping an organized flow of individual orders. Stacey Sukita, F & B Manager was on top of every detail.

Our Mahalos to all!

John Ishikawa (‘62), Class prez welcomed everyone and reminisced memorable past events. 

Alan Maii (‘62) shared some “words of wisdom “. 

Lucky number drawings were  coordinated by Chester (‘62) and Evie Ching. Everyone went home a winner. 


The Rest of the time was spent socializing with one another, and just “talking story”. 


It was so great to see …

  • Joe Davis from San Diego, CA
  • Gary Miyashiro from Beaverton, OR
  • Tamami Muraoka, from Honolulu

Congratulatory Letters were received by:

  • Richard Ho of HK.             (See below)

“ … Although I am living too far away to join, my best Aloha to all to have a wonderful  time at the 60th Reunion lunch gathering. Look forward to seeing some pictures of this joyful event.

Richard Ho .. ” 


  • Rolin Soong.                               (See below)

“. … Yes, memorial weekend is a great time for a reunion for the living , and to remember those who have passed. We used to go there at that time for the lantern floating festival, but COVID stopped it and us.   

Enjoy the reunion, and remember those that are gone! 

From Rolin’s iPhone …”


  • Reed Taylor.                         (See below)


I leave Thursday for my 65th Reunion at Yale.  How swiftly time flies!

Aloha from Buffalo,



Favors for everyone were prepared by the caring hands of Mona Bessette-Dart, Evie Ching and Tamami Muraoka.  It was much appreciated.            Mahalo, ladies!


Mahalo, also, to Dave Shiraishi (‘62) , who gifted everyone with his infamous Homemade Guava Jelly. 


Nate Wong (‘62) gave parting blessing …and guest began to disband.


Much Mahalos to:

Daniel Abergas, Golf Operations Manager- Hawaii Prince Golf Club

Evie & Chester Ching (‘62)

Janis & Roland Chun (‘62)

John Ishikawa (‘62)

Kevin Kashiwai, Kaneohe Klipper GC, Golf Operations Manager- Klipper Golf Club

Milton Tsuda (‘62)

Nate Wong (‘62)

Pat Tom (‘62)

Dave Shiraishi (‘62)g

Tamami Muraoka

Stacey Sukita, Bird of Paradise F&B Manager



Photos courtesy of Mona Bessette-Dart & Leighton Liu.