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Golf Tournament

All 14 golfers had a great time at our 50th Anniversary Memorial Golf Tournament.  All of the regulars were there with the addition of a few faces that we haven’t seen in a while.  Most everyone shot their normal game except for the few notable sandbaggers that have obviously been holding back over the past few months to build up their handicaps.

Notable were John Ozaki and Cal Nakagawa who both shot low nets of 67, playing well under their handicaps.

The Class netted over $1,950 that will go to our Class Gift to Iolani School.  Al Maii won the Jackpot drawing ($100), Colin Leong won the Consolation drawing ($50), and Cal Nakagawa was the only person to win a greenie ($50).  All three chose to donate their winnings back to Iolani School as part of the class gift.

Milt (June 23, 2012)

Rod signing the players in.

FOLLOWED BY a prayer and words of remembrance for Urban, Doug, Art, and Alfred and all our departed classmates.

Only a few pictures as all were busy with their game.

Cliff: "Why couldn't I take the drive from the last hole (he drove the water hazard, nearly reaching the par 4 green in one) on this par three greenie hole?"  Well, here's Conroy tieing up his shot that lands 30 feet above the flag on this 200 yd par 3 Hole No. 3.

With the previous foursome including Rod and Milt witnessing, Conroy attempts his pressure greenie putt.

  It looks online, but as reported above, only Cal earned a greenie prize.

More pictures to follow if available.